Academy Director: Don Brunning

CTE / Academy Facilitator: Jeremy Ossler


The Digital Video Academy (DVA) energizes and enhances students' original thinking and creativity across curriculum through the use of state-of-the-art technology using Mac computers and digital industry-standard HD cameras and digital video production. Partnering with AHS school administration, city, county, state, and national entities; DVA creates engaging and informative digital video content for their clients.

DVT1: Beginning "student producers" learn how to brain-storm and develop video ideas, form production companies, learn to speak the language of movies and TV, write treatments and scripts, draw storyboards, produce, direct, and digitally record and edit productions.

DVP2: As an Intermediate "studio crew member" students have the choice to continue on the path of an independent student producer, or learn how to operate the various components of our digital TV studio. To become a studio crew member, you help to produce our daily Shark News program that is broadcast on various media outlets.

DVP3: As an Advanced "studio producer" students may either continue creating independent school and community-partnered digital video productions (at a more challenging 3rd year level of production value and critique), or become producers/directors for our daily news show, which allows them to be in charge of those productions.

DVP4: As an Advanced "studio supervisor" students are in charge of all the productions that take place on and off campus. They are in charge of the daily production schedule and help to oversee all activities that culminate in any final video or TV show from our facility. Students also become a part of the evaluation process for assessing the production value of all media produced in DVA's SHARK TV studio.

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's Name====Don Brunning====
Course(s) Taught====DVP2/DVP3/DVP4====
Period Taught====Period 1====

Don Brunning


Period 2

Don Brunning


Period 3

Don Brunning


Period 4

Don Brunning


Period 6

Don Brunning


Period 7

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

Example of DVA (Daily) Produced Shark News for Atlantic High School

DVA Produced Video for AHS Wall-to-Wall Academies

DVA Produced AHS Black History Month 2018

DVA Produced AHS Student/Teacher Basketball Game Rap Video

DVA Produced "Autism Awareness" Video Featured on VCS Homepage


DVA Produced Video: AHS JUICE TOUR 2018

DVA Produced Video: AHS Chorus and "The Voice"

DVA Produced Video: AHS Senior Awards 2018

DVA Produced Video: AHS Nautica: The Lion King

DVA Produced Video: AHS Senior Class 2018
Curriculum In Action:

Curriculum In Action:
DVA Music Video Cam. Moves.jpg
DVA camera moves.jpg
DVA advanced students assisting DVA beginning students as Mr. Brunning shows them how to perform a "vertigo" camera shot on location.

Standard 2: Cohort Schedule

Standard 3: Program of Study / 4 Yr Plan

Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Professional Collaboration

Standard 7: Recruitment

Standard 8: Career Focus / Workbased Learning
DVA at Port Orange Family Days 2017.
DVA students producing the AHS Wall-to-Wall Academy Video.
Cassidy DVA Booth 2017.JPG
DVA's Inaugural President, Cassidy Trepanier, standing with the student produced DVA Trifold used in student recruitment.
IMG_3893 (1).jpg
DVA Visits FULLSAIL in Orlando in 2018.
DVA students review gold and platinum record recipients from FULLSAIL.
DVA students tour the green-screen stage at FULLSAIL.
DVA students evaluate an audio console (sound mixer) at FULLSAIL.
Standard 9: Marketing

DVA Produced Video for Wall-to-Wall Academies at AHS 2017-2018

DVA Tri-fold handout.jpg
Original DVA LOGO on white with shadow. Used for print and social media.
DVA Logo-sew.jpg
DVA stitched logo against red for contrast, (designed by an academy student), for polo shirts. Every academy student receives a free polo.
DVA T-Shirt Design.jpg
DVA T-Shirt logo (designed by an academy student). Every academy student receives a free T-Shirt.

Final Evaluation: